Developer Notes

Creating a New Release

The following are steps for creating a new release:

  1. Update the Changelog page (in docs/changelog.rst) with notes for the release and commit those changes.
  2. Update documentation tables by running inside the docs subdirectory and commit any resulting changes to the configuration table files under docs/config.
  3. Checkout master and ensure that you have pulled all commits from origin.
  4. Create the release tag and push it to GitHub.
$ git tag -a XX.YY.ZZ -m ""
$ git push --tags
  1. Upload the release to pypi.
$ python sdist upload -r pypi
  1. Create a new release on conda-forge by opening a PR on the fermipy-feedstock repo. There is a fork of fermipy-feedstock in the fermipy organization that you can use for this purpose. Edit recipe/meta.yaml by entering the new package version and updating the sha256 hash to the value copied from the pypi download page. Update the package dependencies as necessary in the run section of requirements. Verify that entry_points contains the desired set of command-line scripts. Generally this section should match the contents entry_points in Before merging the PR confirm that all tests have successfully passed.