This page is a changelog for releases of Fermipy.

0.9.0 (05/25/2016)

  • Bug fixes and various refactoring in TSCube and CastroData. Classes for reading and manipulating bin-by-bin likelihoods are now moved to the castro module.
  • Rationalized naming conventions for energy-related variables. Properties and method arguments with units of the logarithm of the energy now consistently contain log in the name.
    • energies now returns bin energies in MeV (previously it returned logarithmic energies). log_energies can be used to access logarithmic bin energies.
    • Changed erange parameter to loge_bounds in the methods that accept an energy range.
    • Changed the units of emin, ectr, and emax in the sed output dictionary to MeV.
  • Add more columns to the FITS source catalog file generated by write_roi. All float and string values in the source dictionary are now automatically included in the FITS file. Parameter values, errors, and names are written to the param_values, param_errors, and param_names vector columns.
  • Add package script for dispatching batch jobs to LSF (fermipy-dispatch).
  • Fixed some bugs related to handling of unicode strings.

0.8.0 (05/18/2016)

  • Added new variables to source dictionary:
    • Likelihood scan of source normalization (dloglike_scan, eflux_scan, flux_scan).
    • Source localization errors (pos_sigma, pos_sigma_semimajor, pos_sigma_semiminor, pos_r68, pos_r95, pos_r99, pos_angle). These are automatically filled when running localize or find_sources.
  • Removed camel-case in some source variable names.
  • Add cacheft1 option to data disable caching FT1 files. Cacheing is still enabled by default.
  • Support FITS file format for preliminary releases of the 4FGL catalog.
  • Add __future__ statements throughout to ensure forward-compatibility with python3.
  • Reorganize utility modules including those for manipulation of WCS and healpix images.
  • Various improvements and refactoring in localize. This method now moved to the sourcefind module.
  • Add new global parameter llscan_pts in gtlike to define the number of likelihood evaluation points.
  • Write output of sed to a FITS file in the Likelihood SED format. More information about the Likelihood SED format is available on this page.
  • Write ROI model to a FITS file when calling write_roi. This file contains a BINTABLE with one row per source and uses the same column names as the 3FGL catalog file to describe spectral parameterizations. Note that this file currently only contains a subset of the information available in the numpy output file.
  • Reorganize classes and methods in sed for manipulating and fitting bin-by-bin likelihoods. Spectral functions moved to a dedicated spectrum module.
  • Write return dictionary to a numpy file in residmap and tsmap.

0.7.0 (04/19/2016)

  • some features