Phased AnalysisΒΆ

Fermipy provides several options to support analysis with selections on pulsar phase. The following examples assume that you already have a phased FT1 file that contains a PULSE_PHASE column with the pulsar phase for each event.

The following examples illustrates the settings for the gtlike and selection sections of the configuration file that would be used for a single-component ON- or OFF-phase analysis:

selection :
  emin : 100
  emax : 316227.76
  zmax    : 90
  evclass : 128
  evtype  : 3
  tmin    : 239557414
  tmax    : 428903014
  target : '3FGL J0534.5+2201p'
  phasemin : 0.68
  phasemax : 1.00

gtlike :
  edisp : True
  irfs : 'P8R2_SOURCE_V6'
  edisp_disable : ['isodiff','galdiff']
  expscale : 0.32

The gtlike.expscale parameter defines the correction that should be applied to the nominal exposure to account for the phase selection defined by selection.phasemin and selection.phasemax. Normally this should be set to the size of the phase selection interval.

To perform a joint analysis of multiple phase selections you can use the components section to define separate ON- and OFF-phase components:

  - selection : {phasemin : 0.68, phasemax: 1.0}
    gtlike    : {expscale : 0.32, src_expscale : {'3FGL J0534.5+2201p':0.0}}
  - selection : {phasemin : 0.0 , phasemax: 0.68}
    gtlike    : {expscale : 0.68, src_expscale : {'3FGL J0534.5+2201p':1.0}}

The src_expscale parameter can be used to define an exposure correction for indvidual sources. In this example it is used to zero the pulsar component for the OFF-phase selection.