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This is the Fermipy documentation page. Fermipy is a python package that facilitates analysis of data from the Large Area Telescope (LAT) with the Fermi Science Tools. For more information about the Fermi mission and the LAT instrument please refer to the Fermi Science Support Center.

The Fermipy package is built on the pyLikelihood interface of the Fermi Science Tools and provides a set of high-level tools for performing common analysis tasks:

  • Data and model preparation with the gt-tools (gtselect, gtmktime, etc.).
  • Extracting a spectral energy distribution (SED) of a source.
  • Generating TS and residual maps for a region of interest.
  • Finding new source candidates.
  • Localizing a source or fitting its spatial extension.

Fermipy uses a configuration-file driven workflow in which the analysis parameters (data selection, IRFs, and ROI model) are defined in a YAML configuration file. Analysis is executed through a python script that calls the methods of GTAnalysis to perform different analysis operations.

For instructions on installing Fermipy see the Installation page. For a short introduction to using Fermipy see the Quickstart Guide.

Getting Help

If you have questions about using Fermipy please open a GitHub Issue or email the Fermipy developers.

Acknowledging Fermipy

To acknowledge Fermipy in a publication please cite Wood et al. 2017.

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